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Water conditioning plants by DSB

In the field of process-water treatment we offer specific technical solutions for many industrial areas:

  • softening plants
  • ion exchange plants
  • mixed bed ion exchange plants
  • sand filters
  • nanofiltration plants
  • reverse osmosis plants
  • UV-sterilization units

DSB Anlagenbau GmbH - Water conditioning plants

Daffingerstraße 4, 3rd Floor
1030 Vienna

phone +43 1 869 43 21
email office@dsb.at

What are process-water treatment plants?

Process-water treatment comes into operation where high-purity water is needed for industrial application.

For example:

  • purification plants
  • energy technology
  • chemical industry
  • surface technology

Service and maintenance work

for water conditioning plants

Our clients appreciate the longterm service we offer together with our plants. We offer customized service and maintenance contracts which guarantee the permanent and satisfactory operation of the plants.